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Original archival quality acrylic and hand made collage on Italian fine grain canvas

Finished with UV protection archival, satin-finish, varnish

45cm x 35cm x 2cm


Check out more photos and video on my Instagram 


This piece is on show at the Easter App Art until Sunday 14th April 2024

Art & Sulpture Exhibition at Priors Field School, Godalming, GU7 2RH


All my work is about portraying the vitality, essence and joy of a moment.


I was inspired to paint this piece by the lush avenue of apple trees that tranverses the full length of this incredible walled garden. I wanted to paint it in such a way that you can smell the sweet aroma of the apples bursting with vitality! 

 There are bee hives, bright flower beds, sunflowers that tower over you, abundant plots of colourful squash, gourdes and pumpkins and  so much more. I see it bringing joy and peace to picnickers, writers, readers, sunbathers, gardeners, walkers alike. It is a haven of tranquility steeped in history. I aimed to capture a little of the late summer delight in this painting. 

I hope you feel it too.

ORIGINAL "Apple Tree Walk" - Fulham Palace Walled Garden

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