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Original arylic inks 140lb water colour paper and collage

Unframed by post or framed for local delivery SW London, UK.

The colour in the trees and on the water, combined with the bright light on this wide stretch of London's River Thames is a constant inspiration to me as it varies throughout the seasons. There aren't many wide open vistas in London so the Thames Path that runs along almost the entire length of the river offers a fantastic chance to decompress from this busy city. The river winds through London like a giant snake and on the map it creates fantastic curves that I love to put into my work.

This particular view is from the wonderful Bishops Park in Fulham looking across the Thames to the boathouses from where the many rowing clubs take out their fabulously precarious looking pencil-thin boats onto the water. You can see them on the far shore like little ants carrying their boats on their shoulders.

The sunsets here in the winter. Maybe I'll do a sunset scene as a challenge - check out my instagram for a photo I took in Dec 2021, of the most incredible sunset. It was when the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn was about to take place right at this spot (albeit a few million miles distant!)

Bishops Park View to Putney Boathouses

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