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40x20cm Original - Original Acrylic on Canvas - unframed - ready to hang


On view at the "COLOUR SONGS" Exhibition

The Unity Wellbeing Centre, Lewes, East Sussex, UK.



Part of the soothing new 2022 Collection:  "Meadow Bathing for the Soul"

Each floral bath is  uniquely created in a meditative state of spontaneous colour flow. They are  finished with a fine dusting of irridescent golds, silvers and  pearls which catch the light and seemingly bring the painting off the canvas. This  is a discovery to be seen in person.


This collection embraces the eternal warmth of summer, the sounds of larks, the rustle of the grasses and the balmy aromas of wild flowers. The theraputic joy of the meadow.


"When I look at your paintings, I feel joy and happiness and I can't stop smiling".




Flourish V - 2022 Collection: "Meadow Bathing for the Soul"

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