50 x 50cm Acrylic + Handmade Collage on Canvas


On view at the "COLOUR SONGS" Exhibition

The Unity Wellbeing Centre, Lewes, East Sussex, UK.

April + May 2022

(Available to purchase from May 2022)


The Sunflower Seller's stall was beautiful and she was lovely - warm and friendly like the Sunflowers. The air was fresh and the sun was glowing though our cloths and onto our backs. The sense of community was palpable. I aimed to capture the moment for eternity - or atleast as long as the painting lives.

Inspired by a weekend visit to Lewes's Farmer's Market. We chatted and I asked permission to photgraph her stall - I hope she enjoys the painting I subsequenlty made in her honour and in honour of all of those in the very special Lewes community. 

The Sunflower Seller - Lewes Farmers Market, UK