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Original acrylic inks on 200lb Arches watercolour paper


I can't resist painting this particular view of the elegant curve in the River Thames. I love the way it draws the eye and the path towards the elegant arches of Putney Bridge and the Medieval Church Tower of St Mary's; home of the great social justice championing Putney Debates of the 1640s.

It's one of my favourite views.

I visit this scene often. I am excited by how the river flows at huge speeds with the tides and snakes dramatically around the forshores. I like to capture this with a few energetic sweeps of my paint brush.

The great Plane trees make a wonderful arch over the path, creating a fabulous tunnel to walk under: the leaves changing with the seasons and the time of day - violet, magenta and golden in the sunsets, copper in Autumn and apple green fresh in the spring. The baubles of their seed clusters are perfect natural adornments throughout the Winter holidays. I wanted to gather all these aspects and launch them onto the crisp white paper in this painting. Do you feel it too?

Walking the dogs at Bishops Park

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