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A Bit About Caroline Silver


"Art is my passion. I paint for the joy of the process and the happiness I can bring to my viewers."

The Artist 


Caroline has been painting to commission and for self expression for over 40 years.


She works energetically with bright dynamic colour and mark-making combined with her own collage. Her work is about portraying the vitality, essence and joy of a moment.


Originally a water-colourist, she has transposed those techniques into the medium of acrylic which she uses for its vibrancy, layering versatility and speed. 


You can catch a glimpse into this process in the Tideway London’s film… “River Reflections” ; one of five celebrated River Thames Artists in the Totally Thames Festival.


Caroline has been a London resident since 2005 with local scenes becoming her main inspiration and the connection between nature and the city, especially the riverfront, being a magnet of interest.

"Where the city meets the riverfront there are wild open skies, sun bursts through trees and gold medallions igniting on the water - I get entranced and compelled to paint them all."


She is an established Artist well known for her energetic and contemporary interpretation of these scenes.


Her journey of exploration is lifelong and has encompassed animal portraits, homes, murals and florals, as well as illustrating books and national housing projects. She also sculpted in clay, wire and welded metal along the way.


Caroline has degrees in Architecture and Business working in both for many years alongside her self-study of art to become a professional artist. Her current work combines her Architectural background and love of colour with her eye for the kaleidoscope of changes brought about by the seasons and times of day.

She creates her work in her Fulham Studio from large dynamic sketches made at the scene. 

As a prize winner in 2023, her work is part of the new public Art Trail along Hammersmith Riverfront as seen here. 

The verdict of her viewers...

“Caroline’s paintings are so full of joy; I can’t help smiling and feeling happy.”

Mission accomplished

The Inspirer


Caroline founded her uniquely creative, "ART SPA," in 2022 to provide workshops for participants to share in her love of being engaged in the process of creating rather than focussing on the outcome.   These relaxing sessions of experimentation and discovery in mixed media are designed for non-artists to play and artists to loosen up. *Sessions have a keen eye on up-cycling.

She also facilitates 1:1 and group learning in both Watercolour, Acrylic and Collage. 


Public Exhibitions include: 


Hammersmith Art Trail - London 2023

The Riverside Studios Summer Exhibition - London 2023 

Society of Fulham Artists and Potters (SOFAP) - London 2017-2024

The Unity Centre Art Trail Gallery 2022

Totally Thames Festival - London 2020

Carnwarth Road Street Gallery - London 2019

Illustrations and Commissions include: 

Private Collectors

Bloor homes

Persimmon Homes

Vengrove Real Estate Investment Management 

Oxford University Press



International Sales: 

USA, Dubai, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Sweden, France.    @carolinesilverartist

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